Our Reading materials help students learn to extract essential information from a given text. We have developed a series of vocabulary-in-context word lists representing the high-utility academic words and phrases that are specifically tested on the SAT. Students become more attuned to the significance of word choice and more adept at discerning an author's meaning—essential skills that remain useful as students continue their academic and professional careers.

Writing & Language

Students master fundamental principles of grammar while developing a critical eye for spotting errors. They acquire skills that help them improve their accuracy on the SAT Writing & Language Test and also identify and correct errors in their own writing, both on the SAT Essay and in their schoolwork.


Our Math materials identify the mathematical terms and recurring math question types in algebra, problem solving and data analysis, and other math topics. Students will practice these concepts in targeted math worksheets, problem sets, and summary reviews.


In preparing students for the optional SAT Essay, we teach the fundamental structure, critical reasoning, and fluidity of expression inherent in a strong written composition. Students develop the analytical skills and conceptual framework to effectively describe how an author constructs an argument. Through repeated practice, students gain the confidence to approach this task knowing that they can write an insightful critical essay in a limited amount of time.