SOAR School Readiness Program in Houston, TX


School Readiness, Kindergarten Readiness, and Pre-K Readiness

SOAR is a school readiness program for preschool and primary school age children. Recognizing that each child grows at his or her own pace, our tutors use games, literature, puzzles and other highly interactive activities to nurture appropriate academic, critical thinking, fine motor, and social skills. SOAR is a program developed over many years in consultation with experts in primary school education.


  • enhances language and literacy development
  • sharpens problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • reinforces fine motor skills
  • nurtures social and emotional regulation skills
  • increases confidence working with adults one on one
  • provides suggestions to parents that support development at home
  • IS FUN—we use games and play to accomplish our goals

Tutoring for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Our SOAR tutors are highly skilled, exceptionally gifted professional instructors with significant teaching experience. They also LOVE working with younger kids. SOAR tutors are particularly adept at motivating children to excel and to consistently demonstrate their highest potential. Every tutor who teaches in the SOAR school readiness program has been individually trained in our proprietary curriculum.


Pre-K Admissions and Kinder Admissions Preparation

SOAR begins with a free initial consultation with the Director of the program. Parents and child will have the opportunity to articulate their expectations, pose questions they may have, and voice any concerns. Additionally, we strongly encourage beginning with diagnostic testing materials so that the child’s cognitive strengths and difficulties can be objectively measured and assessed. Based on this consultation we identify program goals, develop customized curriculum benchmarks, and match the best tutor for your child.

The SOAR curriculum proceeds in one-on-one tutoring sessions that can be flexibly programmed to accommodate your scheduling needs. We typically encourage 45-minute sessions for students ages 4 or above and 30-minute sessions for students younger than 4. We offer immersive 5- and 10-session programs, as well as programs that are more adaptable in structure and provide enrichment and support over a longer period of time. Throughout the program, tutor and parent continue to collaborate to determine the best course. There is no minimum commitment, and plans can be adjusted at any time depending on the student’s evolving needs and goals.


A word on the WPPSI and WISC

Our goal is not to prepare children for early school admissions tests (like the WPPSI or WISC). To respect the integrity of these exams, we do not use any materials that resemble the format or appearance of any of their sub-tests. Science informs us that early years are critically important for later outcomes, so our goal is, instead, to provide rich early experiences so that children thrive in primary school and later in life.

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