Writing Instruction

Strong writing ability is a prerequisite to success in most academic subjects and many professional fields. Advantage Testing offers a Writing Instruction program designed to help students express themselves with precision and grace.

Consulting with the student, tutors determine an individualized program by:

  • reviewing completed schoolwork to gain a sense of strengths and weaknesses 
  • identifying the concerns and goals of each student
  • reinforcing material the student is studying in school
  • introducing efficient approaches to master higher-level written coursework

Through guided exercises and homework assignments, tutors help students to develop and advance logical arguments in writing. Tutors also teach the fundamentals of syntax, grammar, and paragraph development, while also enhancing a student's vocabulary. From organizing initial ideas to polishing the last of many drafts, students benefit from constructive and detailed responses at each stage in the process.

Program lengths vary. Many students who enroll in this program are high school seniors who wish to improve their writing skills in preparation for college-level coursework. These students typically work with tutors during the second semester of their senior year.