Our tutors are experienced in remotely delivering outstanding one-on-one tutoring using current technology, tailoring our approach to each student’s learning style. 

Video conferencing

We rely on all the major video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Adobe Connect are among those that our tutors have found to be particularly effective teaching tools, just to name a few. Advantage Testing tutors work with whatever platform best suits each student’s learning needs and technical requirements. 


With shared interactive whiteboards, tutors do more than just present information. Each online session is an engaged, dynamic lesson in which students review digital instructional materials, write out equations, and complete worksheets with their tutors in real time. 

Remote materials

Students completing online tutoring programs have digital access to our library of exclusive and uniquely effective teaching materials. Students exercise the concepts they are mastering with homework and in-session assignment and on remotely proctored practice tests.  

Remotely proctored practice tests

Frequent practice testing is one of the cornerstones of all our test preparation programs. Even in a remote setting, students can take practice tests online with conditions that simulate official testing. Tutors have also adapted their instruction to focus specifically on the official in-home testing that many testing agencies have adopted since the coronavirus outbreak. Learn more about scheduling and preparing for a remote practice exam administration.