College Transition Advantage

College Transition Program

College Transition Advantage is a program designed to help students refine or develop the skills necessary to be successful in college. The first year of college may be a daunting transition for many students, and our goal is to help them start college on the right foot.

Students will be matched with one of our coaches who will work closely with them throughout the semester. Our coach will introduce them to the differences between high school and college academics, identify resources specific to their university, help them understand what is needed to succeed on midterm and final exams, and cover everything from study skills to useful apps to assist with organization. Coaches will then provide updates to the parent after each session.

The program includes 10 sessions, and meetings will be held virtually. Additional sessions, available by request, will be billed at a rate of $175/session.

Scope of Work

This is an overview of the sessions. After consulting with the student and parent, coaches may alter the theme of the session based on the student’s needs.

  • Session 1 (Before Semester Begins): Meet and Greet; Discuss Courses and College Roadmap
  • Session 2 (Before Semester Begins): Identify School Specific Resources; Importance of Office Hours, etc.
  • Session 3 (Week 1 of school): Syllabus Review/Book/Material Organization
  • Session 4 (Week 3 of school): Check in to Discuss Progress + Email, Calendar, Alarms, and Note Taking Apps
  • Session 5 (Week 5 of school): Check in Plus Midterm Planning
  • Session 6 (Week 7 of school): Midterm (Study Skills and Organization)
  • Session 7 (Week 9 of school): Check in Plus Finals Planning + Major Project Organizational Skills
  • Session 8 (Week 11 of school): Next Semester Planning
  • Session 9 (Week 13): Finals
  • Session 10 (End of semester): Debrief to Discuss Final Grades and Next Semester Plan