Application Counseling

Personal Statement and Application Review for College, Graduate School, and Professional School Applications

The application essay often represents the greatest opportunity in the admissions process for a candidate to express his or her unique assets. Where permitted, Advantage Testing offers a comprehensive application writing program that enables students to express themselves with confidence, character, and creativity.

Essay Development
Tutors work closely with students to identify fresh ways of conveying their message using personal and original language that is true to their own voices. The essay review program consists of:

  • brainstorming and outlining the essay
  • presentation of overarching principles 
    • determining a theme
    • building sound structure
    • achieving clarity
    • developing a narrative voice
  • thorough review and commentary of the multiple drafts

Individualized Focus
We help students understand which skills and experiences are most relevant to their application. Law, business, and medical school programs in particular all have distinct emphases, priorities, and criteria.

Lasting Results
The purpose of all our work is to cultivate useful, enduring skills in the student. In learning to write carefully constructed essays, students enhance their general writing skills and gain an appreciation for the craft of writing. The application essay is a particularly effective means of instilling writing lessons because the student is so deeply invested in the impact of their prose.