Online Tutoring Programs

With students across the country and throughout the world, Advantage Testing has been tutoring online for years. As technology has improved, so have our resources to deliver outstanding online tutoring that is as efficient and effective as our in-person sessions. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we have conducted 100% of our teaching online while maintaining 100% of the clarity and quality of our instruction. 

Our online teaching methods seamlessly deliver the same educational approach to academic tutoring and test preparation that students experience in face-to-face meetings. Weekly meetings, assignments, and remotely proctored practice tests help our students develop a deeper understanding of concepts and refine their problem-solving techniques.

Our online tutoring equips students with the tools for enhanced performance on tests and across all of their academic work. Students gain a confidence that remains with them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Contact us to enroll in an online tutoring program tailored to your academic needs and goals.