English Test

We teach grammatical and syntactical principles as well as idiomatic expression and rhetoric, and we train students to develop a critical eye for editing what they read. Students often find that the skills that help them improve their accuracy on the ACT English Test also improve their writing in their other academic work.

Mathematics Test

We emphasize the principles underlying the recurring math question types on the ACT. Students practice these concepts in targeted worksheets, problem sets, and summary reviews. Our tutors also show students how to use their calculator effectively on the math section.

Reading Test

Through our ACT program, students will learn how to understand college-level reading material in a range of subject areas. We help students become more attuned to the significance of word choice and more adept with methods for discerning an author's meaning—skills that are useful for the ACT and in students’ continued academic careers.

Science Test

Our students become familiar with basic concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space sciences, and physics so that they can process any given scientific information efficiently and accurately. Our science materials emphasize interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating scientific text and data.

Writing Test (optional)

We emphasize the fundamental structure and fluidity of expression inherent in a strong written composition. Through essay practice, students gain confidence in expressing and developing their ideas in an organized and well-written essay with limited time to reflect upon the topic and perspectives.