The GRE is a computer adaptive exam required for admission to most M.A. and Ph.D. programs. The GRE is also accepted as an alternative to the GMAT by most business schools and as an alternative to the LSAT by a few law schools.

Our GRE Tutoring Program

Our educational approach to GRE preparation emphasizes core principles in math, reading, logic, and writing underlying content and skills measured by the test. We believe that standardized tests are opportunities for mastering concepts that not only prepare students for the test but also help students as they continue their academic and professional careers.

Our GRE program is rigorous: weekly meetings, homework assignments, and full-length practice tests, including computer tests, focus on the study, refinement, and application of the material and problem-solving strategies.

Contact us to speak to a program consultant to discuss your goals and schedule a diagnostic GRE.

Program Length

We recommend that students allow 3–4 months to prepare for the GRE General Test. Because students' backgrounds and schedules vary, longer programs may be advisable. We will develop an academic plan tailored to each student's particular needs.

Law Schools Accepting the GRE

A downloadable list of law schools that have announced plans to accept the GRE or GMAT is available here.