The U.S. History Subject Test expects students to interpret information within specific eras and to make generalizations across time periods of U.S. History.

Our U.S. History Subject Test Tutoring Program

Our approach to the U.S. History Subject Test is educational—we teach the core concepts in U.S. History that comprise the foundation of material tested on the exam. Our tutors develop individualized programs for each student's strengths, weaknesses, and background in history to reinforce what students learn in school.

Tutors impart an understanding of the major events and characteristics of each era in U.S. history. Students also learn how to approach specific question types, including interpreting charts, maps, and cartoons, evaluating primary source quotations, and anticipating social trends across eras. Meetings, homework, and timed practice tests all provide opportunities for the exercise and refinement of these core concepts and problem-solving skills.

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