The Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test covers less advanced material than does the Math Level 2 Subject Test.

Our Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test Tutoring Program

Our approach to the Math Subject Test is educational; our goal is to help students achieve a mastery of the core concepts—such as functions, imaginary numbers, quadratic equations, and the basics of trigonometry—that serve as the foundation of the material tested. By focusing on these critical skills, our students become prepared not only for the test but also for their continued academic work.

We develop individualized programs that address the student's strengths and weaknesses in the areas of algebra, functions, geometry, and trigonometry. Through weekly meetings, homework assignments, and proctored, full-length practice tests, students learn, exercise, and master mathematical concepts and problem-solving approaches to dozens of question types, from inverting a function to confirming a trigonometric identity.

Contact us to speak to a program consultant and schedule a diagnostic Math Level 1 Subject Test. If students are unsure whether to take the Math Level 1 or Math Level 2 test, we recommend that they take diagnostic tests in both to help determine which test to take.