The SAT Subject Test in Latin evaluates skills in Latin grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. A student with a strong background in the language—including at least two or three years of formal study in high school—might consider taking the Latin Subject Test.

Our Latin Tutoring Program

Our approach to the Latin Subject Test is educational, emphasizing the content essential to success on this test—a mastery of grammatical rules and the exceptions to those rules. We develop a program tailored to each student's past and present academic coursework in Latin and the specific composition and translation skills measured by the Latin Subject Test.

At the outset of the program, tutors teach and review grammatical rules while establishing an individualized schedule for the study of vocabulary, morphology, and syntax. Through in-session and homework drills, tutors monitor their students' progress in vocabulary acquisition, in the application of grammatical rules, and in the development of concrete critical reading skills. Timed, full-length practice tests provide opportunities for exercising the knowledge and problem-solving skills emphasized during tutoring sessions.

Contact us to speak with a program consultant and schedule a diagnostic Latin Subject Test.