The Biology E/M Subject Test begins with a general section that encompasses all topics of biology, and and ends with a section that allows students to choose questions with an emphasis in ecological or molecular biology.

Our Biology Subject Test Tutoring Program

Our educational approach to the Biology Subject Test focuses on core concepts in biology that underlie the material tested on the exam. Each program is individually tailored—we have found that not all topics tested on the exam are covered in a student’s school curriculum. Tutors review familiar concepts and teach new content, depending on each student’s background.

Students are given homework, quizzes, and proctored, full-length practice tests to reinforce concepts and practice problem-solving skills as they master the material on the test. Tutors use the initial diagnostic test and subsequent meetings with the student to determine which specialized section—ecological or molecular—the student should take.

Contact us to speak with a program consultant and set up a diagnostic Biology Subject Test.