Letter to the Editor

July 9, 1998

The Stowe Reporter

A Letter to the Editor of The Stowe Reporter responding to an article about Stowe High School’s top ranking.

"...the analysis of both SAT scores and advanced placement offerings consistently ranked Stowe near or at the top in every category. On average, the Stowe class of 1997 not only had the highest SAT scores in the state... but also had the highest percentage of the senior class - 97 percent - take the college entrance exam."

One Stowe parent responded:

"While kudos are certainly in order for the Stowe High School faculty and their solid program, I would suggest that much credit for the SAT success of Stowe students is due to Casey Maphet, [director of] Advantage Testing [of Vermont]. If she is not a household name among families in the Stowe community, she should be."

"It is my understanding that she has worked with about half the students from the class of 1997 at Stowe High School. She is highly respected in Central Vermont for her work in preparing students for the SAT and [SAT Subject Tests], as well as the AP national exams."

"Ms. Maphet is a highly intelligent woman, genuinely caring and concerned about the young students that she works with. She helps students to build verbal, mathematical, and thinking skills that are sometimes overlooked in today's high schools. The competence her students gain builds confidence and gets results."

"Ms. Maphet is the secret ingredient, the community resource who is helping Central Vermont students get ready to embrace their futures."