Advantage Testing provides pro bono ACT preparation to Prep for Prep students. Tutors meet with Prep students weekly in preparation for these tests. In addition, our president and founder, Arun Alagappan, serves on the Board of Trustees of Prep for Prep.

Prep for Prep is a highly regarded and extremely successful 30-year old program that helps prepare talented minority students of modest backgrounds to make the transition from New York City public schools to leading independent schools and selective institutions of higher education. Prep for Prep provides its students with a sense of community, peer support, critical post-placement services, and a range of leadership development opportunities.

Students attend a 14-month preparatory course that spans two intense 7-week summer sessions as well as after-school Wednesday and Saturday classes during the school year. All students who successfully complete the course are placed in independent schools. Approximately $20 million in scholarships is committed annually to Prep for Prep students by the 40 day schools and 10 boarding schools that reserve spaces for qualified Prep applicants.

College guidance services support Prep students during the college application process. 40% of Prep students graduate from Ivy League institutes and 84% earn degrees from colleges identified as "most selective" by US News & World Report. Prep for Prep works to maximize career opportunities for undergraduates and college graduates through a variety of initiatives.

Prep for Prep