Rebecca Knowlton in Austin, TX

Tutor of: SAT, ACT, PSAT
Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Probability
English: English Language & Composition
Business: Financial Mathematics

Rebecca is a Statistics Ph.D. student at The University of Texas at Austin with research interests spanning causal inference and machine learning. She earned her B.A. in Mathematics from Trinity University, summa cum laude, and has work experience as an actuarial analyst and data scientist. Most recently, she completed a machine learning internship in fraud prevention at Apple, and she is currently interning with Microsoft.

Rebecca has several years of experience tutoring students for the SAT, ACT, and math courses, including volunteering as a math tutor for adults working toward their GEDs. She also facilitates introductory statistics courses at The University of Texas as a teaching assistant. As an educator, she has a passion for working with students individually and tailoring rigorous curriculums to students' individual needs and ways of learning. She's a strong advocate for increasing female engagement in STEM and exploring the intersection of technology and ethical concerns. In her free time, she enjoys board games, film, listening to science podcasts, and trying out new recipes.