Rebecca Brown in New York, NY

Tutor of:
Admissions Counseling: College Admissions Counseling, Interview Training

Rebecca earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to graduate from Columbia University Teachers College with an M.Ed. and M.A. in Counseling Psychology. Before working with Advantage Testing, Rebecca served as alumni interviewer and staff member for the University of Pennsylvania Secondary School Committee and Undergraduate Admissions Office, and she was an instructor of a career development course at Drexel University. She has conducted hundreds of interviews as hiring coordinator for Advantage Testing and as an undergraduate career adviser at Drexel University. Outside of her work with Advantage Testing, Rebecca is deeply involved in the Blue Hill Troupe, a community theater that raises money for local charities. She is passionate about Philadelphia sports teams (but also loves the Yankees) and is a long-time soccer and softball player. She enjoys live theater, movie trivia, and all types of music.

Rebecca is the Program Director of Advantage Testing's Interview Program and Assistant Director of Advantage Testing's College Counseling Program.