Joy Lin in Austin, TX

Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry
Science: Biology, Chemistry
Languages: Mandarin Chinese

Joy matriculated at The University of Texas at Austin when she was 15 and earned a B.S. in Biochemistry, a B.S. in Chemistry, and a B.A. in Biology. Her two series of science books, Superpower Science 1–4 and Monster Science 1–4, were published in multiple languages on four continents. Joy won Innovator of the Year by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association, was named one of 18 Most Inspirational Educators in the U.S. by, and won the “Lessons Worth Sharing” National Contest by Kohl’s Cares. Joy’s TED-Ed videos have 14 million views. Joy is an internationally-recognized screenwriter, filmmaker, and a stand-up comic who has been invited to speak twice at the San Diego Comic Con, the largest comics convention in the U.S. Joy’s 2020 TED Talk “Using Hollywood to Get Kids Interested in Science” was uploaded onto the TED website. Most recently, Joy was selected for the Outstanding Young Persons Award in 2021 for her contributions to education by Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Taiwan.