Jonathan Shapiro in Long Island, NY

Tutor of: SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, SSAT, ISEE; AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP European History, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Music Theory, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Statistics, AP US Government and Politics, AP US History, Academic Biology, Academic Chemistry, Academic Computer Science (Data Structures, Java, JavaScript, and Python), Academic Economics (Econometrics, Game Theory, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics), Academic English (Composition, Critical Reading, Grammar, and Literature), Academic Math (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Analysis, Arithmetic, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Univariate Calculus), Academic Philosophy (Ancient Philosophy, Decision Theory, Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Formal Logic, History of Philosophy, Kant, Metaphysics, Non-Classical Logics, Philosophy of Economics, Political Philosophy), Academic Physics

Jonathan graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics-Philosophy. He then earned a BPhil (equivalent to an M.A.) in Philosophy from Oxford University, achieving distinction for his thesis on Immanuel Kant. While a Teaching Assistant at Columbia, Jonathan discovered his love of teaching and the joy of helping students understand something on their own terms, especially when they never thought they could. Beyond teaching, Jonathan also has a passion for music—listening, analyzing, performing, composing, and recording.