Fred Reiter in Long Island, NY

Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II/Pre-Calculus
English: AP English Literature and Composition, AP English Language and Composition, Vocabulary, Critical Reading, Writing Skills, Grammar
Admissions Counseling: College Counseling and Application Support, College Essay Feedback

Fred Reiter received his A.B. from Princeton University, where he studied Science in Human Affairs. He has enjoyed a successful tenure of more than two decades at Advantage Testing of Long Island. He is an expert teacher who has served as a mentor to many of the junior staff currently employed at Advantage Testing of Long Island. 

Fred is a highly effective tutor who loves helping students discover confidence and perform exceptionally well on tests. He loves working with students as they strive to improve their skills. Fred knows that one-on-one instruction is the most productive way to help students improve their academics and maximize their potential.

In addition to tutoring, Fred is an accomplished musician. He created the music genre "Ska-Jazz" and has performed in 37 countries with his internationally acclaimed band, the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble. The HBO documentary Redemption, nominated for an Academy Award, features Fred's original composition, Arachnid.

Fred cares deeply about impacting students' academic performance. Friendly, rigorous, exceptionally clear, and organized, Fred inspires his students' curiosity and improves their ability to make meaningful connections between the subjects they study at school and the demands of the test. 

Finally, Fred is an avid tennis player. While at Princeton, he played on the JV tennis team. Not surprisingly, Fred enjoys table tennis and is a ranked table-tennis player in New York. Students with busy schedules filled with sports and artistic endeavors choose Fred because he speaks their language.