Emmett O'Keeffe in Westchester, NY

Tutor of: SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE
English: AP English Literature & Composition, Reading, Writing Instruction
Social Studies: AP US Government & Politics, AP European History, AP US History, AP World History
Miscellaneous: AP Computer Science

After earning his B.A. in Archaeology with a focus on History and Classical Civilization from University College Dublin, Emmett earned his M.A. with honors in Landscape Archaeology from the same institution. He has received several prestigious scholarships and awards, including the Ad Astra Doctoral Scholarship from University College Dublin, the Traveling Student Scholarship from University College Dublin and the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the Graduate Student Conference Award from University College Dublin College of Arts & Celtic Studies. Emmett is an active archaeologist; he is fascinated by stone tools—how did people make and use them? He has published a number of peer-reviewed academic papers and has served as a peer-reviewer for academic journals. When he is not tutoring, Emmett can usually be found outside, where he hikes, runs, and chases after his son.