Advantage Testing is a favorite of private school kids

February 1, 2002

The Private School Insider

An article surveying Manhattan tutoring groups.

"Through word-of-mouth, Advantage became a favorite of private school kids and those in 'magnet' and specialized public schools."

"'I think [test preparation] is a serious undertaking that helps prepare kids for future academic work.' That's because Advantage stresses content, not test tricks. An academic by nature, Alagappan wants kids to really learn the materials. 'We want kids to become better students, not test-takers,' he emphasizes."

"It is not uncommon for Advantage SAT students to spend several months with the company. Happily."

"Advantage is the only service who will send you biographies of its tutors. They read like the Who's Who of the Ivy world."

"'We're also more ambitious with and for our kids' [Alagappan says]. 'We challenge them and they do significantly better in high school and college.'"