Profile of Arun Alagappan

January 15, 1996

The New York Observer

"Mr. Alagappan has analyzed every SAT the Educational Testing Service has ever released; he has compiled a thick tome of math problems, organized according to the 88 [now 150] types of questions that appear; he has composed a list of the 1900 [now 5500] words that have occurred on more than one SAT."

"Many coaching services make use of adolescent sullenness in their programs: students are taught tricks to help them blast the test. Not so with the earnest Mr. Alagappan."

"Mr. Alagappan believes in the SAT. 'The SAT is not only a test,' [he says,] 'it's a milestone. It's the repository of anxiety for so many high school students. If you nail it, nothing will ever intimidate you again."