Meet Dan Kusik of Advantage Testing of Boston

January 8, 2018

Boston Voyager

Meet Dan Kusik of Advantage Testing of Boston

"I grew up in a family that deeply values education—my father was a research engineer and both my mother and sister were teachers. After finishing graduate school, working as a tutor seemed like a natural fit for me while I figured out what to do with my life. Those first “A-ha!” moments—seeing the joy when a student first understands a concept that he had previously found perplexing, sharing the sense of triumph when a student worked hard and reached a particular goal—helped me realize that tutoring was what I wanted to do with my life. So I dedicated myself to a career as a tutor...

Advantage Testing’s approach is long-term and intellectually rigorous so that students can build concrete skills in academic fundamentals: math, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. That primary connection between hard work and academic excellence informs all our methods.

Our tutors are dedicated educators and exceptional communicators who can understand and explain the advanced academic material. They know that being a great teacher entails listening at least as much as talking. They are committed to their students’ success, and they have lifelong records of outstanding academic achievement."

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