Most business school curricula cover certain fundamental subjects, including those listed below. Our tutors may also be able to offer instruction in courses not included in the following list; contact us for more information.


Financial Statement Projection


  • Cost of Capital (Levered and Unlevered)
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Portfolio Theory (Optimal Mean-Variance Portfolio Construction)
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Multi-factor models (Fama-French et al.)

Equity Valuation

  • Discounted Cash Flow modeling
  • Adjusted Present Value
  • LBO modeling
  • Multiples Analysis

Fixed-Income Valuation (including convertible bonds and other hybrid securities)

Option and Derivative Valuation

Advanced Topics

  • The Low-Volatility Anomaly
  • The Law of One Price (LOOP)
  • Arbitrage and the limits thereof
  • Real-Estate Finance and Private Equity
  • Real-Asset Finance
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Risk Parity

Financial and Managerial Accounting

Introduction to Accruals (Debits/Credits, Journal Entries)

Deferred-Asset and Deferred‐Liability Accounting

Capital and Operating Leases

Ratio Analysis

Trial Balances (Adjusted and Unadjusted)

Depreciation Methods (Straight-line, MACRS, Double-declining Balance, et al.)

Debt and Equity Issuance and Repurchases

Macroeconomics and Political Economics

GDP Accounting

Balance-of-Payments Analysis

Exchange-rate Valuation and Policy Levers

Economic History

International Trade and Finance

Banking and Private Equity Interview Prep

Academic Finance (see above)

Valuation (LBO and DCF modeling)

Accounting (see above)