Back-to-School Program

Organizational Skills and Strategies for the Coming School Year

Regardless of individual learning style, when it comes to maintaining an organized and effective approach to their studies, every student can benefit from focused, personalized support. Advantage Testing’s unique Back-to-School Program equips students with the organizational tools and resources they will need to start the year prepared to achieve optimal results.

For more than 35 years, Advantage Testing has been committed to nurturing academic excellence as our students attain mastery of the academic content they encounter in school and on standardized tests. In our one-on-one tutoring programs, we have refined consistently reliable and proficient methods of organization, project management, and time budgeting in a learning environment. For the first time, Advantage Testing is presenting these techniques as a stand-alone instructional program that will prepare students to start the coming academic year with a comprehensive, individualized study plan and a blueprint for success.

Whether a student has a history of issues with organization and executive functioning, or is simply planning for an ambitious and productive school year, the Back-to-School Program will help them achieve and surpass their goals. Additionally, we have incorporated post-pandemic guidelines into the curriculum that will enable students to transition seamlessly should a return to remote or hybrid learning be required.