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Our Back-to-School Program teaches skills and strategies that will enable students to excel in their schoolwork and activities throughout the academic year. In one-on-one consultation, tutors work with students to review individually tailored best practices for scheduling, maintaining checklists, meeting deadlines, staying task-oriented, and apportioning larger projects into manageable assignments. They discuss the student’s upcoming academic calendar and extracurricular commitments and identify previous challenges and areas of concern. Together, student and tutor will prepare a customized organizational binder that will help the student stay focused on current assignments while categorizing learning materials according to what requires immediate action, what should be kept handy for ongoing review, and what can be archived for future reference.

All-inclusive fees for the program covering in-person and/or remote private instruction and offline preparation of materials range from $3,600–$6,750 depending on the instructor. Ongoing consultation is available throughout the school year at the instructor’s private tutoring rate.

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