October 17, 2016

SAT family in Houston

“Thanks to the team at Advantage Testing, my four older children made excellent scores on their SATs, which was a giant factor in each of them being admitted to his and her dream school. Three out of four were National Merit Finalists, and we give Advantage much of the credit for that. My children have been tutored in seemingly every subject under the sun; Advantage Testing does it all! Currently, child five and child six are in full swing, studying for the SAT, and they have already reaped rewards from their work with the amazing tutors at Advantage Testing. Some of my children are better testers than others, but Advantage has helped each of them reach his and her full potential. We know that, in addition to being excellent instructors, Advantage tutors are great motivators—our children now want to excel. I am so thankful that we have Advantage Testing in Houston!”