Tim Holm in Houston, TX

Tutor of: SAT, ACT, ISEE; PSAT, AP Calculus AB, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, Academic Math (Middle and High School), Academic English (Middle and High School), Academic Chemistry, Academic Physics, Academic History, Academic Theology, Academic Spanish, Writing Instruction, College Essays

Tim graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University, earning a B.A. in Russian. After a year working in St. Petersburg, Russia, he returned to Texas and taught for seven years at Chinquapin Prep, a boarding school for Houston students from low-income families. He taught a variety of subjects, including AP English Literature, AP Calculus AB, and SAT/ACT Prep, and he was the college counselor for his final two years there. He recently graduated summa cum laude with an M.Div. from Duke Divinity School. He is a National Merit Scholar. Tim believes anything can be made understandable with the right explanation, and the key to learning is nurturing curiosity. As such, he strives to bridge his students' prior knowledge and interests with the material before them. He enjoys teaching, writing, running, travel, and learning new languages (and keeping up his Russian, Spanish, koine Greek, and biblical Hebrew), and he actually, unironically loves Shakespeare.