Michael Boyle in Houston, TX

Tutor of: SAT, ACT, ISEE; AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science, Academic Algebra, Academic Geometry, Academic Calculus

Michael graduated with a Master's Degree in Mathematical Finance from Columbia University. He has been using his math background to create pricing models for commodities on trade floors across the United States. Before his deep dive into math, Michael had a passion for piano and competed in international piano competitions as a teenager. Michael received a B.A. in Music and a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Houston, where he researched and published on mathematical dynamical systems. It was at the University of Houston that Michael began tutoring.

Michael enjoys the tutoring process and watching the student become the master. He firmly believes that every student can learn complex ideas and ace any exam when the idea is broken into simple and familiar concepts. It is the connection of basic ideas that leads to successful testing. Quick tricks can be simple and fun but are frequently forgotten and often used as a band-aid to cover the underlying problem. Michael focuses on a deep understanding of the material, because there are always exceptions to a quick trick. In tutoring sessions, Michael always shows how much fun and satisfaction can come from learning something new. When Michael is not tutoring, he enjoys playing chess and soccer and eating ice cream.