Cai-Yen Firestone in Washington DC

Tutor of: ; Academic Chinese

Cai-Yen Firestone is a graduate of Taiwan Fu-Zen University in Biology and has an M.A. from Indiana State University in Microbiology. She is a native Mandarin speaker and has worked in Chinese teaching for almost 25 years, specializing in beginning, middle, and advanced levels of Chinese teaching. Currently, she is teaching 9th grade Chinese classes at the Washington Chinese school in Rockville, Maryland. She has tutored students in grades 1–12, college students, and adults. She has presented many seminars regarding Chinese teaching methods and Chinese teaching applications in schools and at ACS (Association of Chinese Schools) annual meetings. She has edited many teaching text books including Pin Yin Exercises, Children Mandarin Conversation 1–3, and Adult Mandarin Conversation 1–3 books. Her goal is to assist whomever loves the Mandarin language, Chinese history, or Chinese culture to reach a broad understanding of Chinese language and its application.