Anya Meksin in  New York, NY

Tutor of: SAT, ACT, Literature; AP English Language/Literature and Composition, AP Art History, AP European History, AP United States History, AP World History, AP Government and History: Comparative/United States, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, IB Mathematical Studies Standard Level, IB Language A: Literature, IB Language A: Language and Literature, IB Literature and Performance, IB Economics, IB History, IB Philosophy, IB Social and Cultural Anthropology, IB World Religions, IB Film, Academic Biology, Academic Earth Science, Academic Elementary School Math, Academic Algebra, Academic Trigonometry, Academic Geometry, Academic Pre-Calculus, Academic Elementary School English, Academic Middle School English, Academic High School English, Academic High School Literature, Academic College Literature, Application Essays

Anya received her B.A., cum laude, in Literature and Film, with Distinction, from Yale University. She then earned an M.F.A. in Film Directing from Columbia University. Anya is a screenwriter and director whose short films have been broadcast on television and played at festivals around the world. She is the author of two feature-length screenplays currently in development. Anya has received many accolades throughout her career in film: she has been awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Production Grant, Faculty Honors for her M.F.A. Thesis Film “Temma,” and an Open Society Institute Production Grant for her documentary “Balka.” She was selected for the Independent Filmmaker Project's Film Week for her feature script for “Taminex.” Outside of tutoring, Anya loves reading novels, watching great films and TV shows, playing her ukelele, and spending time with her family and friends.