Anne Diskin in Houston, TX

Tutor of: SOAR Preschool and Elementary; Elementary School Academic Subjects, Academic Study Skills, Academic Test-Taking Skills, Preschool Tutoring

Anne graduated from Stephens College with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a Texas Certified teacher in preschool through third grade. Anne has had over three decades of experience teaching and tutoring students who have learning differences and who are gifted and talented. She has also been trained at the Neuhaus Education Center in reading and language programs and has attended many classes at Rice School Literacy and Culture at Rice University. She has implemented Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop for over ten years. Anne has received 25 hours of workshops every year for the past 31 years. She has worked in a private school for the past 31 years. Anne has been recognized as “Teacher of the Year” in both the preschool and elementary school. Anne provides activities that allow the individual students to engage in learning. Anne is passionate about meeting each child’s individual needs and challenging them to reach their own potential. When she is not teaching, Anne enjoys being with her family and friends, traveling, and cooking.