ATLA Foundations Introduction to High School: Advanced Writing and Study Skills

This course teaches high school students to write more proficiently, specifically at an AP or gifted level, and to study more effectively, especially in a remote learning environment. Students will learn the fundamental art of a written argument: claims, reasons, evidence, and analysis. They will discover how to create a thesis out of any given writing assignment, and they will explore tools such as counterarguments and close reading. Students will also focus on such essential study skills as time management, personal accountability/responsibility, and proper electronic communication (including email and videoconferencing). They will explore what it means to have greater autonomy in preparation for adulthood, including finding the appropriate balance for school life and social life (and, for many, work life). Finally, all students will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with each of the instructors teaching the course to receive individually tailored guidance as they navigate high school during these unprecedented times.